I'll Bury You, I'll Kill You, I'll Spit on Your Grave Too

I'll Bury You, I'll Kill You, I'll Spit on Your Grave Too
by John Casper P. is your friend

This film (shot on video) doesn't warrant a review but being that I like to keep my eyes open for completists, such as myself, Ill give my two cents.

25 years ago a man and his mistress were killed off while doing the nasty in a camper that doesn't even come close to looking 25 years old.A group of students decide to visit a research institution and are slowly killed off one by one. The most surprising effect this film concurs is the production value, the people behind the project spent a few bucks to create a nasty looking thunderstorm. It's quite atmospheric and well done but after that it's down hill from there. The film does deserve an honorable mention in the event that the producers hired actresses with breast implants.

Not much of a plot, not even a sequel to it's predecessor. If you got a bunch of friends over and feel like poking fun at something, rent this.

Overall Rating: * (just for the nice storm sequence)
Puke Meter: 0 stars
Gore level: *
Shock Value: 1/2...(I've never seen so many fake breasts)



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