Horror Rises from the Tomb

Directed by Carlos Aured 
Cast - Paul Naschy,Helga Line,Emma Cohen,Vic Winner,Cristina Suriana 

Spain's answer to Boris Karloff, actor Paul Naschy (aka Jacinto Molina) cranked out some of the best low budget horror films of the 70's. Horror Rises From The Tomb is easily one of Naschy's most enjoyable films. In the 15th century, a warlock and his evil mistress (Naschy & Line) are put to death for various crimes they'd committed. The warlock puts a curse on the descendents of his accusers  before getting his head chopped off. 500 years later, one of the warlock's descendents participates in a seance and contact's his spirit. The key to ressurecting the warlock is to join his severed head with the remains of his corpse, which were buried in seperate places. The warlock's spirit manipulates the ancestor of his accusers to ressurect him and his mistress, and all hell breaks loose. 

The film features Naschy playing dual roles, one as the warlock who bears an uncanny resemblance to Charles Manson. His other role is that of his own ancestor, who holds the key to finding his burried remains. A trademark of Naschy's films, is the casting of sexy actresses. This film is no exception with seductive Helga Line as his frequently naked mistress and the lovely Emma Cohen, as his ancestor's bed partner. Plenty of violence and gore are featured as well as an organ soundtrack that makes your hair stand on end. A must see film for fans of European horror. 

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