Hitch Hike

A.k.a Autostop Rosso Sangue
Ddirected by Pasquale Festa Campanile
1978, Italy

An Italian thriller/road movie which is quite rare but definitely worth seeking out especially if you like Last House On The Left and House On The Edge Of The Park. It stars Franco Nero as Frank Martini, a down on his luck alcoholic journalist along with his wife Eve (some sexy Italian actress) who are on a road trip with their trailer home passing through the Nevada Desert. Along the way they stop to pick up a Hitch-hiker named Adam played by David Hess whose car seems to be broke down. Picking up Hess as we soon see is a big mistake as he takes the couple hostage with a gun and shoots some pigs. We eventually find out Hess is a bank robber with millions in stolen cash.

Hitch-hike manages to capture Hesses charm whether it be him and Nero passing a bottle of scotch back and forth in the car, Hess pissing out his sappy childhood story or his Adam and Eve line concerning his and Nero's wifes name. The film takes a few plot twists even if they are kind of obvious. It does manage to capture the essence of human greed which results in the twist ending.

Most of the best scenes in Hitch-hike involve Hess but the most memorable has to be when Nero's character goes apeshit shaking his head and screaming uncontrollably behind the wheel of his stuck car. It's not as nasty as Last House On The Left or as sleazy as House On The Edge Of The Park although it does have its own charm. If you can find it, get it, good luck!

-Richard Taylor



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