Directed by Charles Band 
Cast - Jerry O'Donnell, Jaqueline Lovell, Mel Johnson Jr., Michael Cintriniti 

 Full Moon offers us yet another "little monsters" film with HIDEOUS. A couple of rich geeks, who collect inhuman oddities, are fighting over their latest find. The one guy who buys this thing (Johnson) has it stolen from him, by the other's henchwoman (Lovell). A private detective is brought in (O'Donnell) and an investigation begins at the mansion of the other collector (Cintriniti). What none of them realize is that the newest oddity is alive. It also re-animates three other little creatures and the four of them terrorize the cast.

 Fans of Full Moon's Demonic Toys and Puppet Master films will be very disappointed with HIDEOUS. The creature effects are poorly done, and only one of them has any range of movement. The film's only redeeming qualities are a few genuine moments of humor and actress Jaqueline Lovell's scantly clad character. It's a so-so horror comedy at best. The video tape also features a "Videozone" after the film, just in case you want to hear director Charles Band pat himself on the back. You've been warned......




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