Hideki: Evil Dead Trap 2

Hideki: Evil Dead Trap 2

Directed by Isou Hashimoto
Starring: Youko Nakagima, Rie Kondou, Shirou Sano 
Year: I’m assuming early 90's 
Japanese with Subtitles

Taking an entirely different approach all together when compared to the simple plotted slasher style of the original. Evil Dead Trap 2 will disappoint all those who love the first entry and are expecting a movie similar in nature. The only similarity which can be made with the first and second is the presence of the murderous child Hideki. Otherwise, the movie was not enjoyable or likable for any reason. The story gets bogged down in weird relationships and lifestyles along with issues such as abortion. The plot is confusing and you never have any idea is what is going on, the conclusion didn’t help matters either.

For those who enjoyed Evil Dead Trap 2 and are reading this thinking to themselves “this guy just wants a gory slasher and cannot comprehend a good in-depth film.” Your wrong because I like movies which make you think but I do not like movies which frustrate and leave the viewer wondering “what the hell happened?” or “what was going on throughout the whole movie?”, David Lynch’s work always comes to mind. Evil Dead Trap 2 has an uninteresting story, you can’t expect much in the line of a script when the movie is subbed and your an ignorant North American like myself, those splashy gore effects are unfortunately kept to a minimum and the movie in general is a confused boring mess.

What I could salvage from the story was an obese projectionist working at a movie cinema named Aki had an abortion and is somehow tied into the death of pregnant women who are viciously killed with their wombs cut out. Then there is Aki’s friend Ami and her boyfriend who is interested in Aki. Ami’s boyfriend is somehow related to Hideki and the deaths of the women have some significance with a new building which is under construction. Confusing movie which could possibly benefit from a couple of viewings. Then again, sitting through it for the second time will be hard to do.



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