South Korea
US Premiere
Director: Lee Jong-hyuk

Shin-Hyun (Jo Seung-Woo), a psychopathic killer is responsible for the brutal murder of six women that he murdered one after another. After carrying the horrifying remains of his victims to the police station in a bag, he turns himself in and awaits his penalty. One year later, the corpses of two high school girls and a pregnant woman are discovered that have been murdered in the same terrifying way as Shin-Hyun's victims. At first, Kim Mi-Yeon (Yeom Jung-ah) and Kang Tae-Hyun (Ji Jin-hee) who have been assigned to solve the relevant case assume that the killer is just a copy cat of Shin-Hyun and do not bother investigating him. However, after several other women are killed in the same bestial manner, the two officers decide to visit Shin-hyun in his cell in order to find some links to the dreadful crimes, but the only response the psychopath gives them is a devilish grin …

The concept and general plot of the movie were interesting but for the most part this movie didn't do a lot for me. "H" had some great set pieces but for the most part plodded along at a snails pace rarely building up the tension the story was capable of producing. The acting wasn't bad but it wasn't great either, the actors' performances went from subdued and indifferent to over the top, never presenting any middle ground to make the characters believable. The film had a reasonable resolution at what seemed to be the end but for some reason the writers decided to throw a swerve at the audience that was completely unnecessary lessening what little impact the movie had on me. The movie seemed a little too Hollywood styled for me; I saw almost no influence of Korean culture and society in it at all. On a positive note "H" didn't skimp on the gore, which ranged from horribly mutilated corpses to graphic throat slashings. All the gore in the world can't save a movie though, steer clear of "H" unless you absolutely can't find anything else to watch.



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