Guyver 2: Dark Hero


Directed by Steve Wang

Cast - David Hayter, Kathy Christopherson, Bruno Giannotta, Stuart Weiss, Christopher Michael, Billi Lee, Jim O'Donoghoe, Alisa Merline



  Sean Barker (Hayter) has become the host to an alien bio-armor, know as the Guyver. He can, at will, transform himself into an unstoppable fighting machine. Sean discovers an archeological site, that has uncovered an alien space ship. Something has drawn him to this place, and he searches for the answers. It turns out that the expedition is funded by the Kronos Corporation, which consists of alien monsters known as Zoonoids. Sean has defeated these aliens once before, and is now confronted by them again. Inside the alien space ship another Guyver unit, similar to the one that transformed Sean, is discovered. The Zoonoids shed their human disguise, and capture the Guyver unit for their own evil purposes.


  Far superior to the first GUYVER film, this sequel is not nearly as silly, and features several bloody monster battles. When the Guyver goes into action , the blood of Zoonoids flows freely. Don't confuse this super hero flick, with the recent Batman abominations, as this one is violent enough to earn an R-rating. The film's special effects are pretty decent, and the variety of

creature costumes are impressive for this kind of film. After the violent opening scene, the film does drag a bit. The final hour or so of this 129 minute feature is well worth the wait. Credit writer, producer, and director Steve Wang for creating the type of super hero vs monster film that horror fans *really* want to see. Highly recommended for monster movie fans.


-T. Luster



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