Guinea Pig - The Devil's Experiment

Guinea Pig: Devils Experiment


One of the most sinister attempts to try and duplicate what an actual snuff film would be like is a good way to sum up this 40min sickie quickie. Its what I would call a pseudo snuff film but the only problem is some of it looks rather fake while some of it is so realistic its hard to tell if it isn't real. I've heard these films are quite popular with customs officers because copies of them have been seized in the past. The first Guinea Pig installment like all the rest is in Japanese but it doesn't really matter for this film because there is no dialogue to begin with. There is however an occasional symbol which comes up on the screen before each different torture is demonstrated. The movie begins with a young Japanese girl hanging up in a net. The film then shoots to the same girl tied onto a chair in a dark room where a group of unidentified men wearing all black begin the series of horrendous tortures. We are talking the whole nine yards of torture and humiliation. Endless slapping, beatings, one of the girls knuckle bones is pulled clean from the skin with a vice grip wrench, then it is applied to her arm pinching and folding the skin tightly. She is spun around in a chair endlessly, forced to drink down a full bottle of booze, has her finger nails pulled, a headset is put on her playing decibel shattering sounds for hours until liquid starts pouring out of her mouth, animal guts are thrown at her, hot boiling water is poured on her, maggots are put on the scalding wounds, her hand is slit open and nailed with a sledge hammer and to top this off her eyeball is punctured with a needle (one of the most disturbing special effects I have ever seen). All of this is shown in close up and most of the tortures are counted or recorded in how many hours they have occurred. The makers of this film tried to make it as real as possible and is like I said the closest to a snuff film you can get without doing the real thing. It is some of the sickest and slickest film making ever. There are nine installments in the whole Guinea Pig series all together with the first, second and seventh being the most gruesome while the others are more or less a joke. The ninth is a special effects special demonstrating how all of the realistic make up effects are pulled off. Devils Experiment is a very mundane experience and I can't say I like watching it on a regular basis. The 40min seem like an hour and a half when your watching. I've heard there are an even worse series of sister titles released called Mutilating The Virgin. Those Japanese folks are a strange crowd!



Richard J.Taylor

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