Gross Out

Gross Out
by John Casper P. is your friend

Reminiscent of John Water's Pink Flamingo's (which to this day I consider a classic) the producer's of Gross Out bring us what we would probably would have made while in Junior High School.

Three idiots are summoned to there overweight stepmother's house (Divine? nah) who dares them to "gross her out" with the most disgusting video they can possibly conceive. Through out the meeting, our lovely stepmother defecates and vomits all over the place and we get to see and hear everything to the extreme.

The whole plot centers around the challenge of a 28 million dollar check that the three idiots must earn from making their Oscar winning video.

John Water's would probably have gagged watching this film, only for the basic reason of it being on obvious tribute to him. Shot exclusively on 16mm (with all the zooms a Waters film consists of) the film tries to be offensive but for one reason or another falls apart in it's juvenile themes.

There's tons of shit close ups, people eating shit, people drinking piss, people masturbating, people discussing disgusting sexual things they get off on, more people taking shits, people handling shit, people falling into shit, some guy eats something off a homeless woman's toes, there's even zit eating and a lot of snot..literally.

I assume the sole purpose of this film was to gain cult status, which is to obvious...The blacked face servant gives it all away as soon as he opens the door.

For John Waters, the writer, producer and director of this film should apologize. For someone who just wants to sit back and remember the old days of their Junior High School school yard, this film is highly recommended....

Actually, I think this is one for your's just too horrible to pass up.

Overall Rating:** (just for trying)
Puke Meter: *** (it actually depends on you, the film didn't nauseate me as much as it tried but than again, Im a sick bastard)
Shock Value: *1/2 
(It tries...but than again, it may open someone's eyes)
G ore Factor: no stars (Sorry folks, this is just pure SLEAZE)



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