Galaxy of Terror

Galaxy Of Terror

Early eighties horror/sci-fi film which is turgidly slow and stays that way through most of its running time. The only highlights are the somewhat complex plot and the gore bits including a scene where an ugly lug has a metal shard magically crawl up the inside of his arm forcing him to cut it off. Another great scene has a nice looking young lady who used to star in the TV show Happy Days being molested by a slimy alien (things only E.T. wish he could have done). Most of the alien effects are you standard "B" movie style type stuff but a couple are eye openers.

Galaxy has a crew including familiar faces Robert Englund of Freddy fame and character actor Ray Walston who go to investigate a ship called the Raemus which was cut off from all contact. The crew come face to face with vicious alien monsters while also facing their own fears besides (sounds a bit like Event Horizon huh?). What the crew do not realize is that they are all a part of a sinister game.

This movie didn't do much for me although it did have its moments like most films. A pretty interesting factoid is that James Cameron (yes, mister ol' big bucks himself) was the production manager for Galaxy Of Terror, just look in the credits if you don't believe me. Rating: ***



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