The Galaxy Invader

Directed by Don Dohler 
Cast - why bother?

  A flaming meteorite crashes in the woods, and a guy in a silly looking rubber suit... Oops! I mean a terrifying alien creature comes out of it. A young guy who saw the meteorite calls his college professor and tells him about it. The professor agrees to come check it out, and tells the young guy he'll meet him there in six hours. The young guy then waits for him by the side of the road.... for six hours? Meanwhile a drunken redneck is busy abusing his family and chases his 25 year old daughter around in 
the woods, with a shotgun. He sees the alien creature and fires at it. He manages to knock off a plastic white ball... Oops! I mean a mysterious glowing sphere from the alien's body as it escapes. Scheming to make a few bucks for himself, he contacts the local hustler and asks about selling mysterious ball. The local hustler convinces him that they'd make a lot more money if they had the alien instead. So they round up a bunch of other rednecks and go hunting for this alien.

  It's hard to believe that just two years previous to this film, that director/writer Don Dohler made the entertaining and bloody NIGHTBEAST. This sorry ass film takes several steps backwards. The film is completely devoid of any exploitative value (no blood or boobs). For the most part, the film's cast seem like a bunch of angry rejects that didn't get a call back when they auditioned for "Hee Haw". The special effects are as bad as they could possibly be. The alien's handgun looks like it's shooting bottle rockets. The alien costume itself looks it was created for an episode of the 70's kiddie show "Sigmund And The Sea Monsters". Overall this film is a horrible low budget mess that made me laugh out loud. If you're into bad movies, I'd highly recommend it!

-T. Luster



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