Future Kill/Ronald W. Moore/1985/USA 

Oh man, keep bringing on the stinkers! I remember reading an ultra biased review for this film saying it had and I quote "gallons of gore".  For this reason only I rented it and I was let down naturally (boo-hoo!).  No gore, no good acting and no good story.  Film tried to attract attention by having Marilyn Burns and Edwin Neal of Texas Chain saw Massacre fame in it.  If you ever do see a movie referring to other more popular movies on the box then you know it's gonna BLOW!

The utterly crapworthy story has frat boys getting involved with some punk gang leader named Splatter.  In one scene I seen a microphone sticking out of the top corner of the screen, now thats good film making!  Anyway, the frat jerks witness a murder committed by ol Splatty and guess what happens next.  They all go out for plates of Nacho's (huh huh huh yeah yeah, cool).  I just can't say anything more about this its sooooo bad.  This has AVOID written all over it or it should dammit!

Rating: 0 Skulls

Richard J.Taylor



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