Various Silent Horror

This page contains imagery from the local press when various silent horror films played Seattle.

Clock on small images to view larger versions.


July 8, 1923 ad for "While Paris Sleeps."

July 17, 1925 ad for "The Unholy Three"

July 19, 1925 article on "The Unholy Three."

July 19, 1925 ad for "The Unholy Three."

June 24, 1927 ad for "The Unknown."

May 8, 1928 photo from "The Monster."

May 8, 1928 ad for "The Monster."

December 14, 1928 photo from "West of Zanzibar."

December 14, 1928 article on "West of Zanzibar."

December 14, 1928 ad for "West of Zanzibar."

April 5, 1929 ad for "The Man Who Laughs."

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